The Gunn Scholar Program

The Gunn Scholar program includes seniors who have been selected, based on aptitude, interest, and character, to pursue original research into some aspect of the life and times of Frederick Gunn (1816-1881) and his wife Abigail, who founded the school in 1850.

By selecting the Gunn Scholars, the school community recognizes that these students have demonstrated, over the course of his or her academic years, those qualities of scholarship and character that the Gunns inscribed into the mission of the school. This program represents the concerted thought and planning of the history department. The Gunn Scholars will receive one credit in history and will do original research in our archives and elsewhere on some aspect of the Gunn legacy.

This year five Gunn Scholars have been selected: Paige Moffat, Michael Kassis, Rain Ji, Joey Lin, and Tony Zhang.